Glock G48 Mos


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Glock 48 mos for sale

Is Glock 48 for sale what you need? Looking for something that fits your everyday carry? The Glock 48 MSRP is the answer. We have the Glock 48 with red dot for sale. The Glock g48 mos for sale is Slim, comfortable, and durable, it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. The perfect combination of comfort, versatility, and power.

The GLOCK 48 has a 10-round magazine capacity, a silver slide coating, and a black frame. The pistol is 6.85 inches long with a 4.17-inch barrel, a height of 5 inches, a width of 1.10 inches, and weighs only 20.74 ounces. The G48 was designed to be an easy-to-carry yet high-performance pistol giving you the confidence and accuracy to take on any task.

Glock G48 MSRP

The GLOCK G48 pistol is the newest generation of the single-stack G43 and features an exceptionally long barrel, and frame that closely resembles that of GLOCK’s popular full-size G17 in length, width, and height.

The compact size of the G48 brings its great features to a new segment of shooters, who will appreciate its slim profile, larger magazine capacity, and ease of use.

Glock 48 for sale

The Glock 48 for sale Buds in 9mm Luger caliber offers Glock’s most advanced technology and engineering for concealment-type handguns. Its small size and easy operation enable for smooth drawing with a 380 Auto handgun. The GLOCK G48 is identical in length and height to the G19, but its width has been decreased for enhanced concealability and carrying comfort. The renowned GLOCK design provides ease of use and safety.


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