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Glock 25 for sale

The GLOCK 25 for sale has been developed as a concealed-carry pistol, chambered for the 357 SIG cartridge. On the surface, it appears another scaled-up subcompact GLOCK in the same vein as the G28 pistol that was imported briefly. However, the G25 Glock and the G28 are not identical. The G25 is based on the 9mm frame design with a few external modifications (on top of some internal ones) to accommodate its bigger brother.

Glock 25 Caliber

GLOCK 25 is a small caliber pistol, specially developed for the use of plainclothes police officers and security personnel in South America. The GLOCK 25 for sale is identical in length and height to the GLOCK 19, but the pistol’s width has been decreased for enhanced concealability and carrying comfort. It is available in Glock 25 380 auto (9 mm Short).

The Glock 25 illegal is a compact 9 mm short-recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistol made in Austria. This fourth-generation Glock pistol has several upgraded features over previous Glock models including an enlarged magazine release button and dual recoil spring assembly to reduce the perceived recoil of the pistol.



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