Jimenez Arms 380 Chrome


Chrome 380 for Sale

Order the chrome 380 for sale today! The Chrome 380 is one of the most sought-after concealed carry handguns because it combines being visually exciting with an affordable price tag. Available in stainless steel and chrome, this single-stack .380 ACP pocket pistol offers a very flat profile, weighs just over 13 ounces, has a double-action trigger, and can hold six rounds in its magazine. We offer many styles of the 380 including real wood grips (pictured below), rubber grips, and checkered grips. The JA380 has been considered one of the best self-defense firearms for women.

Cheap 380 Pistols For Sale

The Chrome 380 pistol is coated in satin and has black molded grips. A micro-compact lightweight semi-auto handgun with very little recoil, it’s the ideal choice for concealed carry and personal protection in the hands of anyone who knows how to shoot.

Jimenez Arms 380 Chrome

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The 380 Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol perfect for any person looking for cheap protection. With an accurate range of up to sixty feet and loaded with eight rounds this small but powerful pistol allows users to fire confidently from a distance if the situation ever calls for it. From No FFL required, you can use this small pistol for self-protection and peace of mind.

Jimenez Arms 380 Chrome

380 Auto 6-Round 2.75†Barrel Compact Pistol Jimenez. The Jimenez Arms J.A..380 is one of the most basic, easy-to-use, and comfortable compacts available. There are now 380s on the market. Jimenez Arms has features such as a comfortable posture and an extended finger rest at the bottom of the magazine. Other manufacturers only offer this functionality on specialty clips that cost more. Jimenez Arms, on the other hand, incorporates this functionality at no additional expense. If you’re looking for cheap 380 pistols for sale with affordability, accuracy, and comfort, the Jimenez arms 380 chrome is the gun for you.


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